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Maintenance is performed by the same specialists who have designed and installed your biomass combustion system

Maintenance and interventions of your biomass combustion system

You can opt for a maintenance contract whereby we visit you on regular occasions to keep your installation in great shape.

The specialists who perform maintenance on your biomass combustion installation are at the same time the technical experts who:

  • Conducted the preliminary study
  • Made the quotation
  • Were responsible for the installation
  • Started up the installation and ensured compliance with local norms
  • Grant assistance during official controls of flue gas emissions

Are you interested in a sustainable partnership with a specialist in biomass combustion who knows all about your installation? Or would you be interested in engaging BIOSYNERGY to perform maintenance on an existing biomass combustion system that was not supplied by us?

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In case of defects

In case of defects we will perform a preliminary diagnostic within 24 hours and communicate our recommendations. Often we can help by telephone or offer online assistance.