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Engineering, design and installation of your biomass combustion installation

Engineering and installation of your biomass combustion system

An energy-saving and efficient biomass combustion installation is customised according to the available fuel, the energy needs, the available space and local norms of your site. The architecture and composition of every installation is therefore unique.

Preliminary study

BIOSYNERGY delivers custom made solutions. The price of a biomass combustion installation depends on several factors that will be identified during the preliminary study. In this preliminary phase we are looking for answers to questions such as:

  • What is the desired thermal power?
  • Do you require thermal energy for heating, cooling or co-generation or do you have a production process that requires warm water, hot air, steam, thermal oil?
  • Can we convert the superfluous thermal power into electricity or is it appropriate to produce warm water?
  • Which fuel do you want to use and what is the moisture content? Is it a common biomass of which we know the combustion values or is it a “new” fuel requiring a preliminary combustion test to ascertain i.a. the ash and chlorine content. Also in case of mixtures we will need to perform preliminary analysis to avoid undesired effects.
  • How much space is available to build the installation?
  • What is the most appropriate storage and handling system for your biomass fuel?
  • ...

Once the mapping out of all parameters is complete, our engineers can design the most efficient installation and calculate the price of the storage, fuel-handling system, combustion unit, and the flue gas treatment.

Installation en start-up

To ensure swift and efficient installation, we do as much pre-assembly of your biomass combustion system as possible in the workshop. The refractory is already in place when the boiler arrives on site.
At that moment, the installation is also already pre-wired and tested for 80 %.

Our sales people, are also the technical experts who:

  • Conduct the preliminary study
  • Make the quotation
  • Are responsible for the installation
  • Start up the installation and ensure that it complies with local norms

Interested in a sustainable partnership with a specialist in biomass combustion who knows all about your installation?

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